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Petrol stations and 2am rendezvous.

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petrolstations is a quaint & quirky little artyfarty community that anyone and everyone can contribute to. Chances are you'll like it here if you enjoy photographs, art journals, scrap books, cryptic lyrics & poetry, witty one-liners, staying up too late, sleeping in on rainy days and things of that nature.

This community is for anyone who just wants somewhere to waste their early hours when the world is asleep.. feel free to post photographs, recommendations, mix tape track lists, outfits, questions, [although I SUCK at geography & maths], film caps, music lists, secrets and top 10s / 5s / whatever of anything and everything.

We want pretty things to look at, tales to tell and recommendations of things you like and think we would like.. books, films, songs and nice things like that.

Membership is moderated to keep this place dinky but posting access is a free for all once you're a member. Be sure to join, post and read over with a large cup of camomille tea.

  • All pictures exceeding 420px in width must be behind an lj-cut.
  • For the most part, entries should be set to 'friends only'.
  • After joining, please introduce yourself. We'd like to put a face to a name.
  • All work must be your own
  • Constructive criticism is perfectly acceptable, however any and all personal attacks with not be tolerated. Play nicely !
  • Do not contact maintainers through their personal journals. If you would like to speak with a maintainer, please do so through this post.

Each week we will have a theme for posts, however you are free to post on any subject you like. This week's theme is:


Previous Themes:
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My Style
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5 Bands/Artists Who Changed Your Life
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Top 10s

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