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17 June 2008 @ 12:56 am
A few of my guilty pleasures...  

Hey everyone, I'm Claire, 20 years old from Belfast :) Writing to you from my beloved pink laptop.

1. Number one has to be baking! I love love love to bake. My dream in life is to run my own little Cupcake cafe. In the meantime though I spend a lot of time baking big calorie filled chocolate cakes and pastel coloured cupcakes! Some photos of my baked goods:



2. Costume Jewellery! I couldn't live without it. My sister says my motto must be 'the tackier the better!' and that's probably true. I have an ever growing collection of bird themed jewellery I own lots of pearls and flora and fauna themed necklaces! Rings are my new thing, I never used to wear them and now I am rather addicted.

3. Ikea! It came to Belfast in March and finally I am no more simply left to surf ebay for ikea goodness. I always go for just a few bits and bobs but end up spending a fortune on candles and lamps. I usually tell my parents we will go over the reciept when we go home and I will give them the money but they can never be bothered to go through all the Swedish names and match them to the products. Hurrah! Victory for my wallet.

(The bluest light aka my beloved £3.99 ikea lamp.

4. DVDS OMG. It's really quite bad. I just buy and buy them, I haven't even watched half of my collection yet but I can't stop. Lots of them are still in their wrappers all to be watched this summer. In my defence I am a film student so it's sort of justified, maybe not the Simple Life dvds though. Or Mean Girls, though really Mean Girls never needs to be justified.

This was a good while ago, I'm pretty sure it's safe to say my collection has doubled since then.

5. Cute things! Since I can remember I have been automatically drawn to anything pink, lacey, glittery or any character with big eyes. I went to Tokyo last year and HOLY CRAP I was in 'in reality rather useless but so cute you cannot NOT buy it' heaven. As a result of this I own lots of sets of hello kitty chopsticks that I cannot use because they are too small and made of slippery plastic.


astarhasfallen on June 22nd, 2008 03:47 pm (UTC)
YES to all of these, especially the baking (yours looks AMAZING!), IKEA (I could spend an entire day in one), and cute things!

I love your Audrey photos! xx